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Businesses of all sizes must have a marketing plan to be successful. Marketing, advertising and branding are just a few of the ingredients needed for a successful campaign. Promotional Products have had a long history and a proven track record of increasing the results of a well organized plan.

Advertising Specialty studies have shown that promo items beat out all types of advertising when it comes to impressions. When you have over 750,000 promotional items to choose from the search for items can be overwhelming. Here at Bizarre Marketing, LLC we have over 22 years of experience in helping small to large fortune 500 companies build a custom printed marketing campaign that fits the allotted budget.

Our customer base also includes associations, churches, clubs and schools. We have low cost custom magnets to high-end corporate gifts and everything in between. Promotional pens, embroidered shirts, hats and jackets are the most popular items.

We have helped many customers build better tradeshow traffic with custom printed tradeshow give-a-ways that generate a buzz throughout the event, making their booth the most popular and busiest at the event.

Promotional Products are a must for businesses that want to thank customers, grab the attention of prospects, and increase the rate of response to direct mail campaigns. If you are not using custom printed promotional items in your marketing and advertising efforts you are not using an effective medium that helps expose your business over again.

We also offer other Marketing Solutions to help your business grow like Mobile Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Media Management, Appreciation Marketing and Email Marketing By Zip Code.


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