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Facebook Business Page Changes

Facebook Business Page Changes Overview

Facebook announced a design update to their Business Pages product. You can join the wait list, via an invitation link that can be found on each page’s timeline view. All Facebook pages will be automatically migrated to the updated design, on March … [Read More...]

Spring Marketing

Spring Marketing Strategies

Behind the success story of every business, there lies a practical, innovative, effective and even 'seasonal' marketing strategy. Perhaps, spring cleaning isn't limited to your home only, you need to 'spring clean and polish' your business's … [Read More...]

5 Day Pen Post It Combos Sale

Pen Post It Combo 500 Of Each $299 5 Day Sale

 SORRY THIS SALE HAS ENDED - To Search Over 750,000 Promotional Products go here.   Let me get right to this Bizarre deal - for just $299 you get: 500 - 25 sheet, 4" x 3" Adhesive Notepads (post-it's*) with your Custom Full Color Imprint … [Read More...]

Marketing Basics

Marketing Do Not Overlook The Basics

Marketing - Don't Overlook the Basics Guest Post By Carlos H Giraldo According to Wikipedia, marketing "is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of selling that product or service." The … [Read More...]

Cold Calling

Cold Calls Are Not A Good Use Of Time

The dreaded cold call, I usually get at least one a day. In today’s tech driven world cold calls have to be the worst way to generate new business. They are a waste of time simply put. Why? Statistics show that it takes at least 50 cold calls to … [Read More...]

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Ads Are Now A Must

Facebook confesses organic (natural) reach falls short and urges marketers to buy ads. Facebook doesn’t pull any punches and comes right out and fesses up to the fact that marketers are going to have to pay to get posts seen by those that like your … [Read More...]

Mobile Marketing

$49 Mobile Friendly Site Black Friday Special

Join This Facebook Event To Save $200. The mobile revolution isn’t just coming, it’s already here. According to Google, more than half of Americans currently own a smartphone, and by the end of 2015 there will be more smartphones on the Internet than … [Read More...]

Obnoxious Marketing

STOP Being Obnoxious Marketing Strategy

Here is a quick way to increase your marketing efforts – STOP being obnoxious, STOP being pushy, STOP screaming at your prospects and clients to like, follow, share or buy your stuff.  Sure you are getting noticed with this marketing approach, but … [Read More...]