5 Direct Mail Marketing Tips

Direct Mail Marketing Tips

Direct Mail Marketing is "not dead" can be heard over and over by many marketing gurus, I too am on that bandwagon.  Many marketers are pumping their marketing dollars into online tactical advertising mediums like Facebook pay per click, sponsored … [Read more...]

Corporate Gift Giving Tips

Corporate Gifts

I know it’s only October, but you need to get serious about planning your corporate holiday gift giving strategy.  Showing your appreciation to your clients, business partners and the often forgotten employee is a MUST.  Follow these tips to get the … [Read more...]

Sales Jobs In Michigan

Promotional Products Sales Jobs

Bizarre Marketing, LLC. is looking for Independent Sales Representatives in Michigan and in all of the top 100 ad specialty markets across the United States. In a recent study these cities are listed from best and fastest growing markets in regards … [Read more...]

What Is Remarketing?

Google Remarketing

Surely this has happened to you more than once; you are searching for a product or service and then you start seeing advertisements for the product, service or company everywhere. It’s like you are being stalked right! You jump on Facebook and there … [Read more...]