QR Codes That Fail Kill Kittens

QR Codes Kill Kittens

It’s not often I focus on blog posts that tell my readers what NOT to do, the majority of my posts are driven by my successes using various marketing techniques and the successes of my clients.  My intent is to help you the business owner put your … [Read more...]

Networking Fail Don’t Be A Puker!

event marketing

So I just got back from a networking event, I love these events they have been great for my business.  But at every single one of the networking events I have attended over the years I continue to see people that just don’t get it.  When you are at a … [Read more...]

Event Marketing, Mobile and QR Codes

Event Marketing

Smartphones have kicked up event marketing a notch adding more interaction at events giving marketers more opportunities than ever to connect with tradeshow attendees.  Vendors are also using mobile phones to accept payments right at their booths via … [Read more...]