Custom Holiday Greeting Videos

The holidays are here for many and just around the corner for others, hopefully you have already sent out your holiday greeting cards and you can check one thing off your holiday to do list.

If you have cut holiday cards this year you should consider at the very least sending your customers and prospects a Custom Holiday Greetings Video.

Here are three reasons you should send holiday greeting cards, holiday greeting videos or both.

APPRECIATION – your customers are the life blood of your survival, prospects can easily become customers by sending them some love as well.  The holidays are a great time to tell your customers that you appreciate them and the business they have sent your way.  Remember if you do not appreciate YOUR customers someone else will.

RELATIONSHIP BUILDING – repeat business is very vital to my success and keeping in touch with my customers and prospects is not easy, it takes time, energy and money.  But the rewards are priceless; sending a simple holiday greeting video can reconnect you with customers that you may not have given enough attention to this past year.

TOMA – Top of Mind Awareness is huge!  The holidays are a time for most to kick back and relax and leave work at the office for a few days.  If you generate some TOMA just before the holidays your customers and prospects have you and your business freshly embedded into their thoughts.  You just never know what topics are going to come up at all those holiday parties and gatherings. The referrals will flow naturally because you practiced TOMA with a holiday greeting video.

To see a few examples or order your Holiday Greetings Video visit our site here.

Happy Holidays!

Tim Somers
Bizarre Promotions, Inc.


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