How Are You Promoting Earth Day?

Eco-Friendly promotional products are becoming more and more popular as more and more companies “Go Green”.  2009 brings thousands of new Environmentally Friend items to the ad specialty arena.  From Pens to Tote Bags made from recycled water bottles you will find countless possibilities for your company to help promote Earth Day.

Some of the steps I am taking regards to my company Bizarre Promotions include emailing invoices as often as possible and directing catalog requests to our growing list of eCatalogs that many of our suppliers are offering.  The eCatalogs are amazing and very realistic with page flipping sound effects.  I have just added the Sweda Line eCatalog and Pepco Line eCatalog to our site and plan to continue adding to the list of eCatalogs as they become available to us.

I have been a big user of Greeting Cards and Post Cards to keep in touch with clients and prospects over the past 20 years, and this year will be no different.  Although this year I started second guessing my Earth Day awareness techniques as I started learning more and more of the statistics in regards to how many trees we loose everyday so I posted a question on Linkedin regarding the use of Greeting Cards to promote Earth Day.

Patrick Byers a LinkedIn connection of mine picked up on the question and made a post on his Responsible Marketing Blog that will surely generate some more great opinions in regards to this to this question.

Patrick had a similar post last year around the regarding holiday cards called To print or not to print. That is the question.

Jump on Patrick’s blog right now and chime in with your thoughts and suggestions.

Tim Somers
Bizarre Promotions, Inc

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