How To Text Message Market Your Business

When running out the door each morning you are more likely to forget your keys than forget your cell phone.  Marketing your business using SMS or Text Messaging gives you an advantage and puts your message right in the hands of your current clients and prospect clients.  Think about – consumers sleep, eat and go to the bathroom with their mobile phones, so why wouldn’t you use Mobile Marketing as a medium to get your name in the hands of customers.

Consumers are inundated with marketing propaganda all day long and have been trained to ignore most of these intrusive messages.  Putting a promotion or special offer right in their hands is a way small businesses can take advantage of a hot unique way to use a more personalized marketing channel that reaches your clients anytime and anywhere often making them take action right now by opening their wallets and spending money with your business.

This fairly new but already popular marketing vehicle provides businesses with a way to connect on a level second to none.  Your email campaigns, SMS text messaging campaigns and mobile websites will provide your business with a connection directly into the hands of consumers were they will interact, share and buy right from their mobile phones.

97% Of All Text Messages Get Opened and Read!

The sale of smartphones was up eighty-seven percent (87%) last year and is setting records again this year; this is clearly a trend that your business must be a part of to survive. When you consider that ninety-seven percent (97%) of all text messages get opened and read within the first hour they are received compared to the industry averages of emails having a 12-15% open rate and a less than 1% response rate from direct mail, marketing with text messages ROI (return on investment) is far superior.

Mobile Marketing With Text Messages Is Hot! 

Here are some points to consider:Mobile Marketing

  • Because mobile phones are normally with users all the time, your marketing message can be highly personal and relevant (what they need when they need it).
  • SMS (text messaging) delivers businesses with an 8.22% conversion rate; much higher than email conversion rates, website conversion rates and direct mail conversion rates which are all fewer than 2%.
  • Statics show that 97% of all text messages are read, and that 83% of text messages are read within the first hour of receiving the message.

There is no gray area here, it is clear that mobile devices are and has changed the way consumers spend money and there is no end in sight for test message marketing.  Make sure your business does not miss out and start marketing to your customers and prospect customers using SMS message marketing today.

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    Nice article that states why businesses should invest in text marketing. Now the challenge is to show businesses how they can use it creatively and effectively! Text marketing is not just polls or deal notifications anymore!

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