Market Your Business For Practically Nothing!

This post was guest blogged by Kathy Kane of Market Insights, LLC, an action oriented marketing consulting firm.

There are so many ways to get exposure on the web that for the moment, are either free or very inexpensive. You can make sure you have your “piece” of the web by posting a video about your company on You Tube or My Space and embedding a link to your web site to promote it.
There are many budding video entrepreneurs who can whip up a 30 second commercial in no time. You can even do it yourself by uploading pictures and clips to Microsoft Movie maker.

Things to consider when thinking about your clip:

How will it tie in with your logo, colors and tagline?

Do you have a jingle? Keep it simple. I suggest putting a tune with your name and tagline and leave it at that, that being said others like a full blown song to be used throughout the commercial as background. You should be careful though and always get approval to use any copyrighted music or songs in your video.

Plan out your script, write down what will be said, what words you want on screen and what you want the actors or photo’s to be doing.
How will this attract attention to your business, what will make it memorable?
Keep it simple and use only one or two locations.

Make sure to use local actors if possible, they will also help drive your traffic.
How can you promote it besides your web site?
Send an e-mail requesting comments and suggestions. Post the link on all your organization bulletin boards. Write about your new commercial to your friends and family and submitted it to various web sites and contests.
If you want to eventually advertise on cable or local access channels you are now all set to just transfer the file and go national! A little time and effort can reap great results in form of feedback, site hits and a positive message in more than just print for the whole internet to see. Good luck and get taping before they start charging for this great advertising opportunity!

Check out the video below to help spark some ideas for your own marketing video.
Kathy Kane, Marketing Insights, LLC

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