Political Promotional Product Tips

With 2008 being an election year, both nationally and locally I put together a few tips to consider when ordering Election Promotional Products.

As with any message on a promo item, the message should be clear and to the point – just imprint the candidates name and the office they are seeking.

Never imprint the year of the campaign on the promotional item.  Most candidates will run again and dating the items will make them useless for future elections.

Using bold fonts like Arial makes the promotional products very readable to all.  Older voters seem to be more influenced by Times New Roman.

Using a candidate’s logo should be done sparingly, branding your candidate is definitely a good thing, but stay focused on your message and a strong and simple presentation.

Neon or pastel colors used to be all the rage, but stay clear of them.  These colors may still appeal to the younger generations, but you are trying to capture the attention of the masses.

Always choose a dark imprint color on a lighter background.  You want your message to get noticed close up and from a distance.

If you are printing Political Lawn Signs, campaign buttons, bumper stickers or custom screen printed t-shirts, these tips should help increase your chances of getting your candidate noticed in the mass of election promotional products this year.

Tim Somers
Bizarre Promotions, Inc.

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