Text Message Marketing Tips

I came across some great Text Message Marketing Tips that I though everyone could benefit from.

Building Your Database

Text Message Marketing Tips

When you have a client in your store/business making a purchase, before the transaction is completed ask them how they would like 5% or 10% off this purchase (or a set dollar amount) – Right Now! Have them text “your keyword” to 90210 right in front of you or your employees – give them the discount and you now have a new addition to your database to continue to market to and up-sell to for future business. The key to remember is “What’s In It For Me” if you make it worth your clients time and effort they will gladly join your Mobile VIP Club.


Be sure to ALWAYS include your phone number (with area code) in your call to action text messages – most smartphones generate a quick link to auto dial your number, if you don’t make it easy you are losing out on sales – if you are not looking for calls be sure to include your web address or Facebook page url.

Hope these help in generating a great ROI (Return on Investment) in regards to your Text Message Marketing Strategy.

To your continued success!

Tim Somers
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