Video Marketing With Voice-Overs Make A Big Difference

Video Marketing With Voice-Overs Make A Big Difference

Video Marketing is hot and if you are not using this medium to drive businessVideo Marketing and sales you are missing out on an easy and cost effective way to captivate your prospects and turn them into customers. I have produced several videos for clients and usually just drop in some snappy music and call it a day. But the more I start digging into the production of marketing videos I am realizing that Voice-Overs really do take a marketing video to the next level.

Voice-Overs improve viewer engagement and keep their attention far longer than videos with just a music track – in turn leading the viewer to remember your company’s products and services – leading to sales and referrals. Many studies have made the connection between the human attention span and what captures an individual’s interest and keeps it. Some of these studies find without question that merging sensory components, such as visuals and a strong voice, will increase and keep the viewer’s attention much longer.

See For Yourself – Below you will find two videos that we produced, they are exactly the same visually but the second one has a Voice-Over. After watching both, please vote for the one you find more powerful and engaging.

Video One – NO Voice-Over


Video Two – WITH Voice-Over

[poll id=’1′] I want thank John Zadikian of JZ-Voice for lending his voice for this post. We at Bizarre Marketing can offer you a full package of video marketing production options with Voice-Over services provided by John Zadikian or you can contact John directly to add a Voice-Over to videos you have created yourself.

Tim Somers
Bizarre Marketing, LLC.


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    The comparison really drives home the point that the voiceover adds another layer of professionalism, it was easier to remember the information, and made the viewing more enjoyable. John Zadikian’s voice is perfect for this video, and I’m going to visit his website after I post this comment.

    I will offer voiceovers as part of my business’ offerings, and I record my demo in Lansing this Friday. I’m seeing a trend that voiceover actors are doing recordings at home and even do the editing for the client, rather than the client paying for studio time. Since I’m just starting in the voiceover industry, that’s concerning because I don’t intend to have a mini recording studio in my house. One reason is the initial investment, and secondly engineering isn’t an area that I have an interest in.

    Did Mr. Zadikian do the recording in a professional studio, or from his office? What about the editing?

    Thank you!

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      Karen, thanks for your comments. Yes, John has a professional studio – makes a huge difference for sure. I just provided him with the video – he wrote the script and recorded the audio – sent me the file – I just dropped it in and it all matched up perfectly – working with a professional such as John is worth the investment – best of luck with your endeavors.

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    Very good “show and tell” – one thing I find business owners don’t factor in is that they need to devote an actual marketing budget for online promotions and engaging in Social Media. Not only is a great video linked and shared powerful search engine juice, your example shows that it adds credibility and clarity of the message. Nice demo!

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      Kathryn, to your point I am still amazed at businesses spending $600 plus a month on that book with a Yellow hue and spend zero online. Thanks for stopping by and the kind words.

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    Humm…I’m viewing your post in IE and the videos don’t show up – but that’s okay I get the point. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and I think it makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the confirmation and tips!

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