What Is The Difference Between Advertising, Sales and Marketing?

Many confuse these three important ingredients and often fail to tie them all together in building their brand and most importantly their bottom line. It all starts with a Marketing Plan; you need to ask yourself “What Is My Goal”?

Marketing – is the method you need to create customer interest in your goods or services. It will involve a large variety of analysis and specific tactics that need to be executed to achieve your goal, i.e. advertising.

Advertising – is a method or action driven from your marketing plan to achieve your goal.  Advertising involves many different segments to communicate the message developed like TV, radio, display advertising, social media marketing, etc.

Sales – If your goal is clear in your marketing plan and your advertising methods support your plan, sales will often come naturally.  However a well-trained sales force that knows your companies goal and knows how to implement the “Advertising” message, will drive your sales through the roof.

Keep in mind you cannot just through up some ad’s and expect sales to happen – you must put a well formulated marketing plan together with a clear goal, using advertising and a trained sales staff to implement your marketing objectives.

Do you have a marketing plan?  How often do you review, revise and refocus your marketing plan? Use the comments section below.

To your success!

Tim Somers
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